Dim Sum and Then Some.

Okay, despite the fact that the sign is missing a “G” and therefore reads “Olden Palace” instead of “Golden Palace” and the missing “SE” leads to “afood” instead of “Seafood,” I adore this place. Really, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have come to love dim sum. I don’t recall eating it very often as a child, but every time I would visit my grandparents in Hawaii, my grandma would take me to eat dim sum at a fancy hotel restaurant. This led me to conclude that dim sum was a high-end cuisine that was not to be indulged in lightly. Little was I aware of the fact that dim sum was and is quite ubiquitous and I didn’t necessarily need to wait on my grandma to eat it, thank God.

Instead, I get to go almost whenever I want! That is, when time permits. Dim sum places are usually open for the early birds up until about 1 or 2 pm. But, you’ll always find a lucky place open until much later here and there. I never used to crave dim sum, but lately it has become my go-to for Asian food. Surprisingly, I find myself craving it more than Korean food. Crazy, right? Korean food used to be the most important constituent of my daily diet. However, quite frankly, I find eating dim sum to be a more exciting experience.

I think it’s refreshing not having a menu. Sometimes it’s just much too difficult to choose between several dishes that seem equally appetizing or other times, it’s just much too disappointing to choose the wrong dish dissembled by a menu’s pretentious descriptions. Fortunately, eating dim sum leads to neither dilemma. Servers push different carts full of various Chinese dishes in small steamer baskets or small plates and you get to see what each basket or dish holds before choosing. Essentially, what you see is what you get. A plethora of savory and succulent shrimp, pork, chives, and more wrapped in glutinous rice flour or fluffy buns never fails to entice me. While it involves smaller portions as the image above portrays, it allows you to pick and choose a variety of dishes. Since I can never eat just one item at a restaurant due to my love for trying this and that, I love dim sum.

Golden Palace
(808) 521-8268
111 North King Street
Honolulu, HI 96817-5083
7 am – 10 pm, daily

Another reason I love Golden Palace is because it’s incredibly inexpensive and in the heart of Chinatown near all the other restaurants and open markets. So, after a satisfying meal there, I always get to walk a couple blocks over to Mauna Kea Marketplace to this juice shop for dessert. I believe they make the best smoothies with boba in the city. They use fresh fruit ingredients and the popularity of these drinks are clear by the crowd of anxious customers awaiting their orders.

You can count on my patience as a customer when it comes to these fresh mango smoothies! Both dim sum and smoothie combined always make the trip downtown worthwhile.

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