Lobster King.

Thanks to the enticing name and favorable location, this restaurant is able to maintain a veneer of excellence. Harsh as it may sound, I need to be honest about my disappointment. To the average food-loving human being, the word “Lobster” typically evokes a salivating, pupil-dilating reaction. Furthermore, the word “King” in regards to food and beverage, implies the highest quality or acme of the preceding word. So, it was only natural for me to hold high expectations for this newly opened restaurant.

I don’t mean to simply upbraid this restaurant and write it off as an abominable, but in all seriousness, the only dish that was remotely enjoyable was actually their lobster. Way to live up to the name, although “Lobster Baby” may be more appropriate than “Lobster King.” Like I said, I’m just being honest and honestly, in this case, there are no euphemisms for “the food sucked.”

While the interior of the restaurant was clean and aesthetically decorated according to the Chinese theme, it didn’t compensate for the quality of service and taste of food. The servers were all rather vapid and somewhat curt, as well as unfamiliar with all the restaurant’s dishes. Furthermore, it felt oddly exclusive and rude when the probable owner went by to every table to see how they were doing, seeing as it was their grand opening week, and oops, happened to miss our table only.

We ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad, Garlic Seafood Fried Rice, Beef Chow Funn, and Lobster with Black Bean Sauce. The prices of all the dishes were reasonable and affordable. The salad was a joke – shredded iceberg lettuce topped with some sort of wonton chips and ground peanuts. Not only was there hardly any chicken in sight, there was no dressing for it and when asked, the server brought us a small bowl of mayonnaise. The fried rice had absolutely no flavor and the only seafood in it seemed to be small flakes of fish and baby shrimp. Also, the garlic in the name of the dish apparently merely referred to the garlic chips that the rice was garnished with. Although the beef in the chow funn was tender, the dish had no savor. The lobster, as I mentioned before, was the only dish with any sensible seasonings and taste.

As a person constantly willing to try new foods and restaurants, I don’t regret trying Lobster King. However, I don’t believe I will be returning to their restaurant any time soon. Especially in Hawaii, a state of cultural diversity, Chinese food here is sublime. Hence, in order to compete with all the other wonderfully existing Chinese restaurants here, Lobster King definitely needs to up their game in the kitchen.

Lobster King Seafood

1300 S. King Street

Honolulu, Hi 96814

(808) 944-8288


  1. Monica

    That lobster reminds me of the Singapore chili crabs. MMMMMMMMMMMmmm so good. But honestly, I don’t know of any Chinese restaurant with both great service or food. It’s usually either/or or just none at all. I usually feel ripped off or feel really sick from msg or from the all the oil they use. ;/ But I do love Pandas haha

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