Simple Spinach Salad

Simple is always better, or so I’ve heard. So far, this has always proven to be true. Whether it be with fashion, make-up, relationships, or even food, simple is always best. And this beautiful spinach salad is really no exception.
It’s one of those truly simple preparations that reminds me of how good certain things are. Sometimes I forget big, easy salads are worth making. And grape tomatoes? These bright red jewels are perfectly firm and plump with juice that is tart and subtly sweet. Even just balsamic! It’s obviously great with salads – it seriously goes so well with an endless array of things. Things like that. Basic ideas like these get pushed out of my brain from time to time for other intriguing (and somewhat more complicated) ones. And its nice to get reminders.
Speaking of reminders, I’m going to Guatemala next week! I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself! I’ve mentioned before, I had a Guatemalan nanny who practically raised me throughout my childhood. She’s like a second mom to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. She’s virtuous, hilarious, understanding, loving, and oh, did I mention she’s an amazing cook? I could eat her food every day for the rest of my life and die a very happy (and well-fed) person.

Anyway, her and her family (practically my family) have always invited me to go with them on their annual trip to their home in Guatemala. Sadly, with school, work and all the other things that a busy life entailed, I never had the chance. That is, until now! I guess being inbetween jobs, careers, and overall lives is not so bad after all!

I’ll be gone for about 9 days in a country I’ve wanted to visit my whole life! A huge cross-off my bucket list. I’ll try to post at least once more prior to my trip, but we’ll see how that goes with all the last minute packing and enthusiastic jumping up and down (hehe).
Simple Spinach Salad
Serves 4

This salad is so refreshing and ideal for the near-summer weather. It’s super easy to prepare and could be jazzed up with some crumbled feta, bacon or soft-boiled egg. It also can work as a delicious bed or side to some buttermilk fried chicken. This weather keeps making my mind wander and rest upon thoughts of picnics at the park or beach with the most perfect picnic dishes. This would definitely be one of them.


1 lb grape (or cherry) tomatoes, halved
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tbspns minced shallot (or onion)
2 tbspns balsamic vinegar
1 large bundle fresh spinach, rinsed and stemmed
salt & pepper, to taste


Mix tomatoes and next 3 ingredients together in a large bowl. Let sit to soak in flavors.
Add spinach to tomato salad and toss to combine. If desired, season with sea salt and freshly-cracked pepper, to taste.

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