I’m Haein Park – a student, baker, cook, and writer living in Hawaii. I have an insatiable appetite for learning anything and everything there is about food. I believe that good food is conducive to a happy life. This blog will not only portray the exquisite cuisines and good eats that are readily available in my current location, but also my personal journey of acquiring skills and building a food repertoire in and out of my own kitchen.

This blog was supposed to begin January 2010 as a repeatedly postponed and overdue New Year’s Resolution , which alas, I once again procrastinated until April 2010. I decided that it was only right to finally share my food experiences with the rest of the world and to also keep my own personal food journal. I am constantly learning new things about the wonders of gastronomy and hopefully you can too. Although I truly began cooking when I was 16 (and by this, I mean knowing how to cook more than instant noodles, eggs, and rice – not that there is anything wrong with that), cooking can begin at any age. The art of cooking and food appreciation is a priceless gift that will last you a lifetime.


For this gift, I eternally thank my family, friends and the food network. You know who you are.

Come hungry, leave happy! Enjoy!

Contact me at haeinp0327@gmail.com