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Biggest Project Yet: “Strawberry Spree”

Guys, I did it. It’s finally over. Mother’s Day 2012 at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar was a huge (and not to mention, all-consuming, body-exhausting, & mind-blowing) success! A widespread brunch/lunch buffet of Japanese fare was followed by “Strawberry Spree” Sweets buffet (by yours truly), where 460-something voracious, yet surprisingly pleasant, guests devoured 1800-something servings of 12 different types of strawberry-themed desserts within a span of 5 hours and 3 full-seating turnovers. Let’s not forget that this was, believe it or not, after these bottomless bellies were stuffed with mountains upon mountains of sushi, tempura, udon, salad, chicken, king crab, and God knows what else. All I really want to know is, who are these thoroughly inhuman people with such exigent appetites and where on earth did they come from? Because I have this ever-growing hunch that I must be related to them. After all, there is a most uncanny resemblance between my belly and theirs.Stomach resemblance aside, there may have been little else alike between these wonderful guests and I. Though the picture doesn’t show it (thank God), I slept for a very true-to-saying, painstakingly short-and-sweet 45 minutes. The grueling fun-filled hours leading up to that nap and the even more agonizing joyous hours that followed were wholeheartedly dedicated to baking and assembling a mass amount of the greatest (and most practical) homemade desserts I could muster up and create from scratch. Exhausted as I may have been, and trust me when I say exhausted is a euphemism for the physical state I was in at the time, this project was my absolute pride and joy from unshaped, prenatal beginning to expectant, postnatal forthcoming. It was Mother’s Day, for crying out loud, and this project was my beautifully overweight newborn. Continue reading

Buttermilk Creams with Strawberries

It is no secret that summer has finally arrived. (Well, it never really is in Hawaii, now is it?) The sun is blazing making it impossible to look directly at, azure skies are smeared ever so delicately with wispy clouds, lithe (and not-so-lithe) bodies glisten on planes of white sand in nothing but stringy bikinis and man-thongs (more often than not, to my utter disgust and dismay), and best of all: school is out, meaning I get to bask in all the world’s pleasures (except for when I am planted behind a desk and a laptop to do work or to provide you with other worldly (specifically gustatory) pleasures, like so.
Now, if the aforementioned characteristics of summer are not so readily available to you as it is to me causing you to now loathe my guts with burning envy, hate not! I bring a peace offering in the form of bright, sweet, and zesty strawberries over a soft, supple, and surprisingly light buttermilk cream; the purest flavors of summer and heaven. Love me now? If not yet, you will.

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Crème de la Crème.

I’ve been watching a copious amount of Food Network over the past month or two. The Holidays are creeping up ever so quickly and instead of getting busy in my own kitchen, I’ve become irrevocably mesmerized by what’s been going on in Ina’s or Giada’s or well, in Kitchen Stadium (since I am officially obsessed with The Next Iron Chef). Perhaps this (or Jersey Shore, God forbid) is what has been withholding me from my own beloved kitchen and keeping me oh-so-comfortably plopped on my belly, eyes glued to the screen. (Eh hem – it is apparent that this is all despite the never ending piles and piles of papers, presentations, readings, and so on and so forth that I try very hard to avoid and ignore to no avail). Nevertheless, I realize that the festivities are nearing and  I better hop chop to it!

Or, in this case, I better get crackin’!  Crème brûlée has to be one of my all-time favorite desserts. To me, it represents The Holidays in a nutshell an eggshell (oh boy, I’m feeling quite pun-ny today – please, accept this apology in advance before I commit another heinous act of unnecessary gimmickry to repel you once and for all from my undeservingly neglected blog). Although this dessert really resonates the month of December for me and surely for many others, I recently saw it being prepared on an episode of Barefoot Contessa and haven’t been able to get my mind off it since. Hence, in order to free my mind of such sweet and creamy distractions, I had had had to make it (and eat it)!
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Dessert Disaster – Part I.

I know, I know. Cinco de Mayo was over a week ago, but as I’ve been grumbling on and on about, school has indeed bereft me of all sources of happiness. This clearly includes baking, cooking and of course, the chronicling of both. So, yes, to my utter dismay, I’ve neglected the food blog. This means, the next couple blogs are going to be slightly outdated.

Nevertheless, here I am and here is what my kitchen has been up to the last week or so.

As I was saying, Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May. While over here in Hawaii, it seems to be just another excuse of a holiday to go party and get wasted, I realize that that particular day has very much significance in the Latin American world. It’s the day where the Mexican forces won unlikely victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Therefore, people celebrate this day in order to commemorate this event.

As a student currently taking Spanish class, it was not surprising to hear my teacher excitedly say,
“Para la proxima clase, prepara una comida para una fiesta”, assigning us to bring some sort of regional dish of some sort as homework for our next and finally, last class of the year.

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