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Strawberry-Chipotle Turkey Sandwich with Spinach

I hate to break it to you, guys, but I get rather idle come summer time. Granted, the weather has been much less than perfect lately, but nevertheless, it is still summer and I live in Hawaii (yup, there I go again, rubbing it in). And it’s sunny out (for the most part), it’s too hot inside without AC, and I sure as hell don’t feel like turning on the stove. Seriously. Unless, it’s to toast up these babies. Because these babies are, simply-put, amazing.
I truly kid you not. These glorified simple sandwiches are the perfect balance between sweet and savory, light and decadent. It’s the easiest (but more importantly, tastiest) on-the-go sandwich to avoid being cooped up in a hot kitchen on a sunny summer day.
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Crème Brûlée French Toast

As August and summer inevitably draw to a sweltering hot end and my last semester in college resumes lethargically, I can’t help but wonder, ‘what’s for breakfast?’
It’s the timeless and unwaning question that immediately enters my mind upon waking and sits there until happily answered Monday through Friday (or whichever days I am – *eh hem* – required to be present and awake behind a desk in a less-than-comfortable classroom). In the past,  this question would sometimes be answered by melodious noises and heavenly aromas elicited by my mom in the kitchen. Other times, this question would be answered as early as the night before consequent to my excited and persistent chirping to have something to dream about and look forward to come morning. Breakfast is one meal I can have at any given hour of the day and if you couldn’t tell, it happens to be my favorite kind of fare. From veggie-stuffed omelets to pastries and bacon to Crème Brûlée French Toast, hey, what’s not to love?!
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A Timeless Mother’s Day

Each year as Mother’s Day dawns upon us, I find myself reverting back to a time when making toast and scrambled eggs for my mom was my life’s greatest accomplishment. This is, of course, not to say that I’ve had too many more, but I think we can both agree that I’ve cultivated my culinary skills a wee bit. Although my mom has always been impressed during her few opportunities to try my slightly more elaborate dishes, I think  we both know that it’s the simplest of dishes (like this one) that bring us the utmost joy and pleasure.
Especially since we haven’t been able to celebrate a Mother’s Day together in years, our fondest memories of Mother’s Day are those that involve an even mini-er me stealthily waking up and cooking some exceptionally magnificent version of toast and eggs, unnoticed. Then, of course, “surprising” mom with the whole self-aggrandizing breakfast-in-bed spiel. Thank goodness for modern technology so that she may enjoy this from Korea vicariously through my blog, as I am sure she is while preparing an even more sumptuous and extravagant meal for the rest of the family. She is quite the extraordinary cook, you know. And despite her modest ways, we all know there’s no competition when it comes to cooking between a daughter and her mom.
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Some More Cherries Galore.

I know, I’m getting sick of the cherries too. I couldn’t help myself though! What was a girl to do with all the left over cherries? The deal at the super market was for a generous bag of plump cherries for a nominal price. Like I said, I couldn’t resist. This led me to stray away from the typically eye-catching recipes and find one that was appropriate for the pound or so of cherries I had remaining. I must say, summer has enabled me to burgeon into a surprisingly decent baker.

I realize that baking may seem fairly simple and relatively straight forward considering the fact that in contrast to cooking, one must be far more careful with recipe-following and ingredient-measuring, but it’s actually not the easiest task. Especially for someone as clumsy as I am. While I love baking and cooking quite equally, cooking gives me far more elbow room for many of my absent-minded and haphazard mistakes. Baking, on the other hand, forces me to be meticulous – something I am absolutely not. Plus, it also leaves a significantly larger pile of dishes, gadgets and trinkets for washing. Although, I must admit I’m usually nonchalant about this aspect of baking since, well, I’m obviously not the designated dishwasher. Continue reading

All Hashed Out.

Spring has sprung into summer here in the Aloha State. The two most obvious indications of this transformation are the obvious warmer weather and lack of grueling school work. Trust me, this island is not hot 24/7 all year around. It has definitely been rainy and dreary prior to recently. only adding to my despondent state of being a few weeks ago. I guess I agree with the saying that April showers really do bring about May flowers… and in this case, asparagus. Spring and summer are wonderfully abundant seasons in terms of fruits and vegetables and I have only just realized my immense affinity for asparagus.

I never realized how versatile asparagus could be. Furthermore, I suspect that as a child I deemed asparagus as one of those wretched green vegetables important to avoid along with those other green monsters I once believed to be poisonous to my well-being as a young one. However, I could not be less correct. I have only come to realize in my more recent years that asparagus along with those other so-called “green monsters” actually contribute to my well-being and surprisingly taste fabulous. Heck, green’s even one of my favorite colors!
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