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A Timeless Mother’s Day

Each year as Mother’s Day dawns upon us, I find myself reverting back to a time when making toast and scrambled eggs for my mom was my life’s greatest accomplishment. This is, of course, not to say that I’ve had too many more, but I think we can both agree that I’ve cultivated my culinary skills a wee bit. Although my mom has always been impressed during her few opportunities to try my slightly more elaborate dishes, I thinkĀ  we both know that it’s the simplest of dishes (like this one) that bring us the utmost joy and pleasure.
Especially since we haven’t been able to celebrate a Mother’s Day together in years, our fondest memories of Mother’s Day are those that involve an even mini-er me stealthily waking up and cooking some exceptionally magnificent version of toast and eggs, unnoticed. Then, of course, “surprising” mom with the whole self-aggrandizing breakfast-in-bed spiel. Thank goodness for modern technology so that she may enjoy this from Korea vicariously through my blog, as I am sure she is while preparing an even more sumptuous and extravagant meal for the rest of the family. She is quite the extraordinary cook, you know. And despite her modest ways, we all know there’s no competition when it comes to cooking between a daughter and her mom.
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Cafe Kaila.

Cute, no? What can I say, I am a complete and total sucker for all places quaint and cozy. I mean, I’m infatuated with places that are chic and modern, but as I’ve once mentioned before – home is where the heart is. For me, anywhere that has a home-like feel to it seriously wins me over…especially when it includes home-cooked food.

This place is not what I expected whatsoever. I remember when it first opened, I took one glance at its overly floral and colorful sign and immediately wrote it off as some fruity cafe-wannabe with more than likely abysmal food. This unbelievably inaccurate judgment of mine delayed me from having my first wonderful experience there. Forgive me.

How do I begin to redeem myself of this sinful initial assumption?

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