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Salted Caramel Shortbread

I’ve been on something of an extended “vacation” post-Guatemala. Seriously. Guatemala spoiled me – just a little bit. I’ve been m.i.a. from the kitchen and temporarily preoccupied with other interests and endeavors (like this). I can’t help it! I have a tendency of becoming completely and irrevocably consumed in spurts by the things I love.
But that isn’t to say I’ve forgotten about you, loyal and lovely readers, whoever you are. This is still my first baby, after all. Continue reading

Biggest Project Yet: “Strawberry Spree”

Guys, I did it. It’s finally over. Mother’s Day 2012 at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar was a huge (and not to mention, all-consuming, body-exhausting, & mind-blowing) success! A widespread brunch/lunch buffet of Japanese fare was followed by “Strawberry Spree” Sweets buffet (by yours truly), where 460-something voracious, yet surprisingly pleasant, guests devoured 1800-something servings of 12 different types of strawberry-themed desserts within a span of 5 hours and 3 full-seating turnovers. Let’s not forget that this was, believe it or not, after these bottomless bellies were stuffed with mountains upon mountains of sushi, tempura, udon, salad, chicken, king crab, and God knows what else. All I really want to know is, who are these thoroughly inhuman people with such exigent appetites and where on earth did they come from? Because I have this ever-growing hunch that I must be related to them. After all, there is a most uncanny resemblance between my belly and theirs.Stomach resemblance aside, there may have been little else alike between these wonderful guests and I. Though the picture doesn’t show it (thank God), I slept for a very true-to-saying, painstakingly short-and-sweet 45 minutes. The grueling fun-filled hours leading up to that nap and the even more agonizing joyous hours that followed were wholeheartedly dedicated to baking and assembling a mass amount of the greatest (and most practical) homemade desserts I could muster up and create from scratch. Exhausted as I may have been, and trust me when I say exhausted is a euphemism for the physical state I was in at the time, this project was my absolute pride and joy from unshaped, prenatal beginning to expectant, postnatal forthcoming. It was Mother’s Day, for crying out loud, and this project was my beautifully overweight newborn. Continue reading


Throughout the week, even with the fourth of July looming over me, I couldn’t get myself to stay put in my kitchen. Ever since my trip to California, I’ve been more and more inclined to try the new and different restaurants around me as opposed to settling for what I consider to be comfortable and familiar. These adventure-compelled excursions, otherwise known as my relentless erudition in the name of gastronomy, has got me avoiding the beating heart of my home. Not for long though. Perhaps a few more days of this hiatus from cardiovascular exercise for both my kitchen and I.

Actually, maybe sooner especially considering the fact that instead of exercising the heart of my home and the heart of my body, I have been indulging in what could be considered as the artery-clogging, detrimental-to-the-heart sorts of foods. Well, in this case, at the very least. But avoiding them has proven to be much more difficult than I would have imagined. Seriously. I just love the sound of “Happy Hour,” it’s like music to my ears and often the happy end to my hungry stomach. Continue reading

Berry Blueberry.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I can’t seem to stop with the fruits – evidently berries in particular. Call me fruity. I don’t know what it is exactly, the true source of motivation eludes me. However, I can’t seem to adequately explain the sense of joy and happiness I feel when it comes to baking. I honestly believe it has much to do with my amazement at my own success in following instructions and measurements exactly and completely. I’m certainly not one to stay within the lines.

I guess that it’s just a combination of the availability of all these terrific and delectable fruits and the sense of self-discipline I seem to temporarily have over my naturally unruly self. Well, whatever it is, it’s making my kitchen and home smell amazing and I don’t want that to stop. Continue reading

Please, With a Cherry on Top.

Well, I guess not just on top, but rather all over and with every bite. I’m a little bit of a compulsive shopper and it is especially evident when it comes to grocery shopping. It’s horrible, I’m always tempted by seasonal sales and specials and I always find ways to justify my purchases. These cherries, for instance, I felt unusually adamant about buying. Why? Because I was absolutely sure I could find a way to incorporate them significantly into my daily life someway, somehow. “I promise! I’ll make something good,” I pleaded as the BF looked at me with a fleeting twinge of annoyance before he (as expected) gave in to my puppy dog eyes and my somewhat comical ardor for gastronomy.

Let’s just say, I think I kept my word. Continue reading