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Almond Lemon Birthday Cake

As I’ve been gathering up the mismatched and hitherto disregarded pieces of my scattered brain, one thing has been steadfast which has allowed me to maintain my sanity (a little) and keep me from feeling completely incomplete. I’m talking about friends, the mere existence of them.
Some friends you make in kindergarten over chocolate-covered fingers and faces during the ever-anticipated recess. Some you happen to meet in playgrounds and day cares, instantly making you mischievous partners-in-crime. Others you grow up with, remembering everything about them from their first bicycle to their first heartbreak. Then there are those that you meet in between and along the way, that fit into and fill the deepest crevices of your heart – making you feel whole, unbroken. The ones that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear – for your sake and not theirs. The ones that transcend the constraints of both distance and time. The ones that you can call at practically any hour on a whim to have a drink or some ice cream, just because. I am blessed to have met these friends, amongst whom I have made a family of. And today happens to be one such friend’s birthday. Happy birthday, Joanne!
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Chocolate Cake Pops

I’ve mentioned this on more than a billion couple occasions: I am not a good baker. Honestly. I am routinely green with envy (and going ga-ga for self-explanatory reasons) when obsessively gawking at astounding works of art created with such passion, patience, and dexterity. I am awestruck, at an absolute loss for words. How, I ask myself repeatedly, are these wonderful works of sweet art even possible? and WHO, I demand, is capable of producing such beauty?! I, for one, have finally conceded that I am not skillfully worthy to be this type of imaginary (and uh, I secretly hope nonexistent) person in question.

I have tried the whole layered cake baking gig and I even got into the cupcake craze for a minute or two, but obviously such catastrophes works are not displayed here for very valid reasons. Baking is ostensibly not my vocation. But, as a true lover of baked goods and bread in all forms, I believe learning is still worth the embarrassment. Luckily (and unluckily) for me, this inept and outdated baker has finally jumped on the cake pop bandwagon, at least for the time being!

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A Fresh Start.

I suppose food for thought can always be fresh, right?  Although this endeavor may, perhaps, not be as fresh. Yet again… another food blog. However, I have excitedly assimilated myself into the blogging community (an achievement for which I am overtly ecstatic about). Despite being an avid follower and student of anything pertaining to food, I’ve been outdated and behind. Let’s just say I’m a little old-fashioned. After what seems like an eternity of pondering and procrastination, I have finally decided to put my gastronomical adventures to good use. More importantly, I think my lazy fingers have finally decided to exert the exercise my diligent mouth and stomach have been doing all along.

Each morning I look forward to a day of either cooking or eating out. If I’m lucky, both. Recently, I have been taking pictures of every dish I have prepared or every dish my friends and I have ordered. To be honest, this is actually because one of my New Year’s resolutions was to begin this food blog. As we can see, a third of the year has flown by and finally, we have a first post.

Anyway, as a food lover living in Hawaii, I have access to a wide range of cuisines and ingredients. Luckily for now, my Korean-American palate has found a ‘home away from home’ in this cultural melting pot where I have been exposed to and have become aware of so many different tastes and textures. Therefore, as a tribute to Honolulu along with my food-loving family and friends, I present to you “Hungry to Happy”, just another food blog to record my learning journey here and to hopefully help enlighten the culinarily curious everywhere.