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Strawberry Jam

I can’t believe it’s already more-or-less mid-June. Could summer be going by any faster?I feel as though just last week I was scrambling to get last minute assignments in, make it to work barely on-time, and squeeze in treasured moments between flour-dusted palms and sore wrists. Now, every move I make feels lethargic. Yet, time seems to be slipping away faster than ever. Despite all the time I have (or don’t have), I catch myself trying to bake, cook, blog, and heck, even live between sips of coffee and laundry loads. The only thing, recently, that I’ve found worth truly slowing down for and just enjoying (besides the good weather, perhaps), is this amazing strawberry jam.
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Berry Blueberry.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I can’t seem to stop with the fruits – evidently berries in particular. Call me fruity. I don’t know what it is exactly, the true source of motivation eludes me. However, I can’t seem to adequately explain the sense of joy and happiness I feel when it comes to baking. I honestly believe it has much to do with my amazement at my own success in following instructions and measurements exactly and completely. I’m certainly not one to stay within the lines.

I guess that it’s just a combination of the availability of all these terrific and delectable fruits and the sense of self-discipline I seem to temporarily have over my naturally unruly self. Well, whatever it is, it’s making my kitchen and home smell amazing and I don’t want that to stop. Continue reading