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Short Ribs Burguignon

One of the most amazing feelings, for me, is that of achievement. The sheer feeling of accomplishment in and triumph over an endeavor or obstacle is what makes any challenge that much more rewarding. Oddly enough, I have to admit my biggest challenge at the moment is that of grief, or overcoming it. Like this twist on a classic French Beef Burguignon, grief can be complicated and tedious , making  anyone reluctant to confront and undertake the matter at hand. Although preparing Short Ribs Burguignon may not be as inevitable as the feelings of grief within a person’s lifetime, if you are like me and constantly seek thrill alongside self-cultivation, you can’t desist committing  yourself to making, or attempting to make, the most complicated dishes you know  to attain that blissful feeling.

That, or you try to avoid it for as long as possible until it comes back at you, smack-dab in your face. Either way, there comes a time when you need to do something about it, whether it be going out to have someone prepare that intricate and advanced dish that you obsess about and crave for or, making it yourself (for better or worse) and learning from it.
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Rockin’ the Moroccan.

Yes, I’m beginning to venture out of my comfort zone and delve deeper and deeper into the unknown. I feel like a little child constantly excited and exhilarated by the seemingly simple aspects of everyday life. For example, spices. We use different spices for baking and cooking all the time and yet, it never ceases to fascinate me. Add a little bit of, let’s see..cinnamon for example, and you have a very unique and distinguished kind of flavor.  I especially love how just one spice can embody a culture so completely different from another. Believe me, I’m no where near being an adept baker, cook, anthropologist – whatever, but as I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m learning more and more each and every passing day.

What I learned on this day making this dish was how humbling cooking can be. To think that I may know a lot about baking or cooking or about food in general is a horrible and ridiculous assumption because what I know comes solely from empirical research and observation with maybe a tiny crazy bit of help from food blogs and shows that are always on the visible computer or television screens within my home. Even with this Moroccan-themed dinner, I’ve only feebly scratched the concentrated surface of what there is to discover about Moroccan food and culture.

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