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Watermelon Soju

There are childhood favorites, like Strawberry Jam, or post-adolescent necessities luxuries, like sweet and juicy fruit-infused booze. After working days on end, I can’t imagine a better way to spend a well-deserved day off than to sit outdoors, basking in the infinite and inescapable sunlight with a dripping watermelon wedge in one hand and a nice, cold glass of watermelon soju in the other. Along with the cozy smell of yeast and flour that makes bread, the warmth and softness of freshly washed-and-dried laundry against my face, and the sight of my dog, Chino. making feeble (and more often, not-so-feeble) attempts at “rolling over” in hopes of getting a tummy rub, my heart flutters when the sun is beaming, forcing me to wrinkle my nose and squint my eyes. It also swells with glee when watermelons are in season. They’re my absolute favorite fruit.

They’re mouth-watering and bursting with brightness, flavor, and juice, undeniably singing “summer is here!” And paired with some soju, I can’t help but to think (with all 22 whopping years of me): life just can’t get much better than this. Continue reading