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Buttermilk Creams with Strawberries

It is no secret that summer has finally arrived. (Well, it never really is in Hawaii, now is it?) The sun is blazing making it impossible to look directly at, azure skies are smeared ever so delicately with wispy clouds, lithe (and not-so-lithe) bodies glisten on planes of white sand in nothing but stringy bikinis and man-thongs (more often than not, to my utter disgust and dismay), and best of all: school is out, meaning I get to bask in all the world’s pleasures (except for when I am planted behind a desk and a laptop to do work or to provide you with other worldly (specifically gustatory) pleasures, like so.
Now, if the aforementioned characteristics of summer are not so readily available to you as it is to me causing you to now loathe my guts with burning envy, hate not! I bring a peace offering in the form of bright, sweet, and zesty strawberries over a soft, supple, and surprisingly light buttermilk cream; the purest flavors of summer and heaven. Love me now? If not yet, you will.

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Arroz con Leche

The Hawaiian sun has flown the coop, at the most inopportune time at that. We are officially halfway through Spring Break and instead of blaring sunlight and warm sand beneath our toes, we have gotten bitter winds and a reason to actually put our warmest boots on (yes, I guess that means wearing Uggs here right now isn’t so crazy after all – not that you would ever catch me doing it). To think, one of the few chances I have to allot myself beach time, I am bereft of some much needed sunshine. Trust me, you have not seen (nor want to see) my Casper-like skin tone. To avoid brooding over such fundamental matters, I have circumvented the issue of weather by keeping myself all nice and toasty with some befittingly created rice pudding.

Though there are countless variations of this Hispanic bowl of heaven, one thing is for certain: regardless of its ingredient nuances from Colombia to Peru or Mexico to Spain, each element coalesces into a marvelously warm and creamy treat. The simple yet addictive whole being much greater than the sum of its parts. Sun, shmun, who said having golden, sun-kissed bronze skin was fabulous anyway!
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