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Biggest Project Yet: “Strawberry Spree”

Guys, I did it. It’s finally over. Mother’s Day 2012 at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar was a huge (and not to mention, all-consuming, body-exhausting, & mind-blowing) success! A widespread brunch/lunch buffet of Japanese fare was followed by “Strawberry Spree” Sweets buffet (by yours truly), where 460-something voracious, yet surprisingly pleasant, guests devoured 1800-something servings of 12 different types of strawberry-themed desserts within a span of 5 hours and 3 full-seating turnovers. Let’s not forget that this was, believe it or not, after these bottomless bellies were stuffed with mountains upon mountains of sushi, tempura, udon, salad, chicken, king crab, and God knows what else. All I really want to know is, who are these thoroughly inhuman people with such exigent appetites and where on earth did they come from? Because I have this ever-growing hunch that I must be related to them. After all, there is a most uncanny resemblance between my belly and theirs.Stomach resemblance aside, there may have been little else alike between these wonderful guests and I. Though the picture doesn’t show it (thank God), I slept for a very true-to-saying, painstakingly short-and-sweet 45 minutes. The grueling fun-filled hours leading up to that nap and the even more agonizing joyous hours that followed were wholeheartedly dedicated to baking and assembling a mass amount of the greatest (and most practical) homemade desserts I could muster up and create from scratch. Exhausted as I may have been, and trust me when I say exhausted is a euphemism for the physical state I was in at the time, this project was my absolute pride and joy from unshaped, prenatal beginning to expectant, postnatal forthcoming. It was Mother’s Day, for crying out loud, and this project was my beautifully overweight newborn. Continue reading

Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Tart

I’ve never been one to truly perfect nor master the art of baking a cake, cupcake, or tart. For some peculiar reason unknown to me (besides my pathetically undisguised clumsiness), I am never able to successfully create the highly sought after, flawlessly decorated baked good. The answer or solution to this cosmetic problem eludes me, leaving me perplexed and rather distraught. I earnestly flip through pages of Bon Appétit and trustfully scroll through various credible food blogs for some sort of fool-proof recipe or method that I may follow precisely to elicit even the most remote, but nevertheless attractive, imitations to absolutely no avail. For example, most recently, when I tried to make Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes with Mint Cream (per previous post), the Mint Cream was runny and definitely not thick enough to be a necessary or heck, even acceptable cupcake topping. It’s a curse that I am ostensibly working very hard to lift off of myself.

And, despite the fact that Valentine’s may be quite over to the dismay of some and delight of others, it’s still February and to my understanding, that still means it’s the month for Chocolate.

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Happy Halloween!

Sure, you may be sick of the sticky sugar-loaded treats that have been absolutely unavoidable over the past month, but in an attempt to bake or create something classically Halloween-worthy, I ended up making a dessert that isn’t limited to October 31st. It is a dessert to make for the rest of the festive season. Or in my case, all year long. Unfortunately for me, I already envision my desperate cravings for these on many more occasions. Geez, thanks a  lot, Paula.

Speaking of Paula Deen, our infamous Food Network Southern charm, I can’t help but to feel slightly conflicted. I realize there is a fair amount of controversy as to whether her recipes elicit unabashedly rich and delicious comfort foods or, well, heart attacks on a plate. Whenever we catch her on the television, Pat and I are unintentionally absorbed and captivated by her charisma, twang, and of course, food. We usually find ourselves at a loss for words. Do people really make things like that? It looks so good, but so bad. I want to eat it. NOW. Oh-em-gee, butter + mayo + sour cream + cheese and more butter?!  I can’t bare to watch. Do you think she’s healthy? How on earth is she still alive?! How on earth are the people who make her food still alive?! One of us breaks the silence with such remarks or questions. Most times, we’re just silently appalled – absolutely shocked. Is this heavenly food or utter blasphemy? I find it amusing that despite being deeply flabbergasted, we both find her extremely endearing.  Seriously. What can I say, she is the doting Southern grandma we never (but wish we always) had.

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Decadent Desserts, Sweeter Surprises.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m feeling down or distraught, two things always cheer me up. First is sugar. I should mention that it can’t just be any kind of sugar. No, sir, an apple isn’t going to cut it here. It has to be some sort of devilishly-dense baked compound comprised of chocolate, butter, sugar, and God knows what else. Even if I can only take such heavy treats in (semi) minimal amounts, my face simply glows at the sight or more importantly, smell of it.

Second is surprises. I love unexpected acts of kindness – from thoughtful text messages to hand-written letters to lavish gifts,every once in a great while. Girls, you feel me? So you can imagine my giddy glee  in the presence of two very different yet equally delicious brownies and at the sight of….  (here’s a hint):

It’s not necessarily about the subject of the photo (or maybe it is with a little, or a lot, more to it), but can you tell what it is? (*giggle giggle  snort snort*) Continue reading