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Short Ribs Burguignon

One of the most amazing feelings, for me, is that of achievement. The sheer feeling of accomplishment in and triumph over an endeavor or obstacle is what makes any challenge that much more rewarding. Oddly enough, I have to admit my biggest challenge at the moment is that of grief, or overcoming it. Like this twist on a classic French Beef Burguignon, grief can be complicated and tedious , making  anyone reluctant to confront and undertake the matter at hand. Although preparing Short Ribs Burguignon may not be as inevitable as the feelings of grief within a person’s lifetime, if you are like me and constantly seek thrill alongside self-cultivation, you can’t desist committing  yourself to making, or attempting to make, the most complicated dishes you know  to attain that blissful feeling.

That, or you try to avoid it for as long as possible until it comes back at you, smack-dab in your face. Either way, there comes a time when you need to do something about it, whether it be going out to have someone prepare that intricate and advanced dish that you obsess about and crave for or, making it yourself (for better or worse) and learning from it.
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Some More Cherries Galore.

I know, I’m getting sick of the cherries too. I couldn’t help myself though! What was a girl to do with all the left over cherries? The deal at the super market was for a generous bag of plump cherries for a nominal price. Like I said, I couldn’t resist. This led me to stray away from the typically eye-catching recipes and find one that was appropriate for the pound or so of cherries I had remaining. I must say, summer has enabled me to burgeon into a surprisingly decent baker.

I realize that baking may seem fairly simple and relatively straight forward considering the fact that in contrast to cooking, one must be far more careful with recipe-following and ingredient-measuring, but it’s actually not the easiest task. Especially for someone as clumsy as I am. While I love baking and cooking quite equally, cooking gives me far more elbow room for many of my absent-minded and haphazard mistakes. Baking, on the other hand, forces me to be meticulous – something I am absolutely not. Plus, it also leaves a significantly larger pile of dishes, gadgets and trinkets for washing. Although, I must admit I’m usually nonchalant about this aspect of baking since, well, I’m obviously not the designated dishwasher. Continue reading