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Crème Brûlée French Toast

As August and summer inevitably draw to a sweltering hot end and my last semester in college resumes lethargically, I can’t help but wonder, ‘what’s for breakfast?’
It’s the timeless and unwaning question that immediately enters my mind upon waking and sits there until happily answered Monday through Friday (or whichever days I am – *eh hem* – required to be present and awake behind a desk in a less-than-comfortable classroom). In the past,  this question would sometimes be answered by melodious noises and heavenly aromas elicited by my mom in the kitchen. Other times, this question would be answered as early as the night before consequent to my excited and persistent chirping to have something to dream about and look forward to come morning. Breakfast is one meal I can have at any given hour of the day and if you couldn’t tell, it happens to be my favorite kind of fare. From veggie-stuffed omelets to pastries and bacon to Crème Brûlée French Toast, hey, what’s not to love?!
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Sweet Sweet Summer.

Sweet summer days are drawing to a sorrowful end as I refuse to relinquish my hold on these rapidly diminishing days of fun, sun, and yum – juicy summer fruits. Instead, I’m relishing the last fleeting moments I have with my beloved seasonal fruits before school resumes and holds me captive once again. It saddens me deeply to know that my quickly increasing agenda prevents me from satisfying my constant and obsessive need to  bake and cook anything and everything in sight. Fortunately enough, I’ve been able to produce relatively copious amounts of foods and baked goods in the wee hours of the morning and early afternoon that are currently and happily available for me to dedicate myself entirely to this endeavor. I couldn’t be more thankful or spiteful for this temporary time of freedom.

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