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Chinpei Ramen.

I did it. I survived the first two weeks of my senior year as college student. Whewwwww. While I could totally attribute my victory in this squabble with school to numerous factors, one indispensable and tremendously influential aspect of my college life thus far stands out: Ramen. Sure, I’ve refrained from meeting friends and going to parties, been begrudgingly glued to word documents on the computer screen, pulled zombie-forming all nighters, and followed other practices of abnegation. However, one affordable luxury and comforting source of sustenance has dependably been ramen.

I must admit though, the kind of ramen I grew up with and am still quite fond of is the cheap, red packaged Shin ramen you find at grocery stores. So you can imagine my sheer amazement and utter excitement in finding out that there is so much more to gourmet ramen than having a well-flavored soup base packet and adding an egg to it.

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