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Spice-Rubbed Chicken Tacos with Cilantro Slaw & Chipotle Cream


I wasn’t planning on even mentioning this dish. I have no expertise in the realm of authentic Latina cooking and typically leave it up to others that actually know what they’re talking about. I mostly just do the eating. Since, well, that happens to be my expertise.
But it makes no difference because these impromptu tacos and those close to the HungrytoHappy kitchen were at something of a standstill. They were dinner last Tuesday. They were lunch on Wednesday. They were a snack on Thursday. And if that isn’t a good indication of how good they were, let me tell you. They were awesome.
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Chichen Itza.

Have you ever been to a restaurant or tried a dish that you absolutely could not stop raving about? One of those unexpected, hole-in-the-wall hidden gems? That even despite your innately selfish intentions of keeping the newly uncovered treasure all to yourself, you instead realize that you can’t seem to refrain yourself from sharing the wealth with others? That is exactly how I feel about this restaurant: Chichen Itza.

Hidden within the Mercado La Paloma in south Los Angeles, you would never expect to try such authentically prepared food. Although we admittedly had high expectations due to a recommendation that had been given to my friend for us to try it, we were somewhat wary of the place upon first glance. Quite frankly, it seemed like an excessively embellished restaurant you’d stumble upon at a food court. I wasn’t sure of exactly what to expect anymore and my friend even started to feel as though we must have come to the wrong place. Continue reading


Tengo hambre (as usual). Yo quiero Taco Bell?

What a notoriously famous catch phrase associated with an even more notoriously famous chihuahua.

Anyway, no. Sorry, poor dog, I do not want Taco Bell despite its undeniable appeal to my stimulant-addicted taste buds. Instead, I’ve been craving the real deal. Don’t get me wrong, while I flirt with fast food of all sorts more often than I really should, I’m actually madly in love with authentic cuisines. The best foods I have ever tasted have very little to do with being fast and on the contrary, have everything to do with being literally and implicitly slow. It’s not just that these so-called “best foods” probably involve long and tedious procedures, but rather it’s that they involve a sense of time that is slow. Allow me to elaborate. What I consider to be an authentic food is one that embodies culture. Culture is refined over time and involves a unique series of events and influences, which bring about an individual set of behaviors, beliefs, customs, traditions and obviously, food. This occurs throughout history, which like I said is, over time that is slow. Despite the popular notion that “time flies,” sometimes time is slow and the institutionalizing of a particular dish is even slower. This just makes food that much better.

That being duly noted, I’ve been on the prowl for better food. Now, I know that my last post pertained to me trying to eat healthier and that this post doesn’t seem particularly healthy… But, to that I have two responses. One, this restaurant was visited a couple months ago and I am dearly behind with my local restaurant reviews and..Two, you are all going to realize sooner than later that although I have banned packaged junk food from my diet (presumably not for too long), I like to indulge myself here and there when it comes to tasty foods.

So, onto the food!
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