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Homemade Pizza

Remember the last time you were on a deadline and desperately pressed for time or just way too exhausted from work or life to even remotely consider mustering up the energy to look through the fridge (except to retrieve that last ice-cold beer you saved for yourself behind the carton of milk – oops! sorrry, honey!), let alone make dinner? Remember the last time you picked up your phone just to call your friendly neighborhood pizza place to rescue you rather than calling your significant other to let them know that dinner is ready to be served? I do. In fact, it seems as though it’s all I ever do lately.
I grew up loving pizza. I don’t know anyone who didn’t. It was, in my opinion, a luxurious reward for good behavior. In other words, it was a parent’s laziness or lack of time resulting in a most marvelous treat of a meal for us as kids, and even as adolescents. In most cases, it was the meal succeeding a busy day of fun to which everyone would gather around for a slice or two.

However, instead of having to call for an instant pizza, I can now proudly say that I can make my own – albeit, not quite as conveniently. Pizza is a most wonderful thing. Endlessly versatile, it’s hard for anyone not to love some variation of it. Now, pair that gourmet handmade pizza of yours with a bold glass of wine or better yet, a homemade sangria and this, my friends, is what being a mature adult is all about.
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Bella Mia Pizzaria.

What can I say? It’s the quintessential pizzeria, the vibrant and welcoming Italian-American dream house in the middle of a dull yet busy street. Even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to avoid it. It’s neatly and oddly placed on the beginning of bustling Beretania street, almost directly across Anasia’s and Toma’s Karaoke, amidst all the faded buildings and inconspicuous establishments. You can’t miss it. Everything about this joint is enticing from its newly lit banners and evenly clean pavement to its bright red roof and white picket fence. Even if it may not be in the most romantic or scenic location, the arching entrance and open-air breeze are enough to set the mood alone. It’s truly like walking into an authentically classic pizzeria; one that is definitely not commonly found on this Asian-Pacific specializing Island. Picture a sophisticated cross between a full-fledged family reunion dinner at home and a cool summer night’s picnic in the backyard and this is what you get. It’s so perfectly captivating and nostalgically attractive that it’s impossible not to tug at some heartstrings.

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