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A Spud-ful.

I’m back and let’s just say it’s been a very long week – a very animated one, at that. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this previously, but I attended a private international school in Korea for middle and most of high school. Now besides entitling its students to a sense of worldly knowledge and ignorant arrogance (no offense), the school truly formed an elite sort of family that has members all over the world. That being said, I can comfortably find at least one or two Seoul Foreign School students that I know in just about any state or even continent I go.¬† Lucky for me, living in Hawaii and all, I get a lot of friendly and familiar visitors from my old school. However, the past week has been the first time that I’ve reunited with five of them at once on this not-so-stranded island. And boy, I tell you, us Koreans, we party hard.

Hence, with everything my jobs, friends, and parties entailed, I was once again forced to commit the crime of negligence to my kitchen. So, although this may not be a meal or dish worthy of any sort¬† of remote self-aggrandizing, it’s still something you can snack on until my next (not nearly as overdue) delicious post. Continue reading

All Hashed Out.

Spring has sprung into summer here in the Aloha State. The two most obvious indications of this transformation are the obvious warmer weather and lack of grueling school work. Trust me, this island is not hot 24/7 all year around. It has definitely been rainy and dreary prior to recently. only adding to my despondent state of being a few weeks ago. I guess I agree with the saying that April showers really do bring about May flowers… and in this case, asparagus. Spring and summer are wonderfully abundant seasons in terms of fruits and vegetables and I have only just realized my immense affinity for asparagus.

I never realized how versatile asparagus could be. Furthermore, I suspect that as a child I deemed asparagus as one of those wretched green vegetables important to avoid along with those other green monsters I once believed to be poisonous to my well-being as a young one. However, I could not be less correct. I have only come to realize in my more recent years that asparagus along with those other so-called “green monsters” actually contribute to my well-being and surprisingly taste fabulous. Heck, green’s even one of my favorite colors!
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