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Miso Saba

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, not so long ago (as in, two weeks ago to be more exact), I promised to bring you cookies. The events that occurred thereafter are to blame for my failure to deliver those seriously terrific cookies, which will lamentably have to wait. I went to Dallas, Texas over the winter holidays, for no other reason than the fact that Pat’s immediate family lives there. While the trip was actually more animated and entertaining than imagined, there was one particular event that detained me from coming home to my kitchen to cook and photograph all that I love for the world to see. Obviously, of course, amongst a heap of other things.

Ever watch that movie The Terminal? The one with Tom Hanks? Well, I was Tom Hanks and this was not a movie. After irresponsibly missing our flight home, we were put on standby for what felt like an eternity. Seriously, our flight was supposed to leave on the 28th and we then proceeded to “live” in the airport until late New Year’s Day. Well, not quite “live,” – seeing as we did have the luxury of being picked up late at night to sleep at Pat’s parents’ house after an entire disappointing day of waiting hopefully for any flight out of there – but spend 9-hours a day for four grueling days. Pat’s mom even packed us amazing banh mi sandwiches every morning, which I joked that we needed to ration in case we decide to trade sandwiches for burgers or drinks with our new temporarily permanent neighbor, Burger King. At that point, I was only half kidding. Anyway, we made it home (albeit with arduous efforts) to bring in the New Year with renewed resolutions and better recipes, this being the indisputable “happily ever after.” Continue reading