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Strawberry Jam

I can’t believe it’s already more-or-less mid-June. Could summer be going by any faster?I feel as though just last week I was scrambling to get last minute assignments in, make it to work barely on-time, and squeeze in treasured moments between flour-dusted palms and sore wrists. Now, every move I make feels lethargic. Yet, time seems to be slipping away faster than ever. Despite all the time I have (or don’t have), I catch myself trying to bake, cook, blog, and heck, even live between sips of coffee and laundry loads. The only thing, recently, that I’ve found worth truly slowing down for and just enjoying (besides the good weather, perhaps), is this amazing strawberry jam.
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Buttermilk Creams with Strawberries

It is no secret that summer has finally arrived. (Well, it never really is in Hawaii, now is it?) The sun is blazing making it impossible to look directly at, azure skies are smeared ever so delicately with wispy clouds, lithe (and not-so-lithe) bodies glisten on planes of white sand in nothing but stringy bikinis and man-thongs (more often than not, to my utter disgust and dismay), and best of all: school is out, meaning I get to bask in all the world’s pleasures (except for when I am planted behind a desk and a laptop to do work or to provide you with other worldly (specifically gustatory) pleasures, like so.
Now, if the aforementioned characteristics of summer are not so readily available to you as it is to me causing you to now loathe my guts with burning envy, hate not! I bring a peace offering in the form of bright, sweet, and zesty strawberries over a soft, supple, and surprisingly light buttermilk cream; the purest flavors of summer and heaven. Love me now? If not yet, you will.

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Strawberry Summer.

It’s that time of year when strawberries, tarts and relaxation are in season. Combine the three and a Strawberry Mascarpone Tart with Port Glaze is what you get. Or, at least it’s what I got. I absolutely love walking through grocery stores just to feast my eyes upon anything and everything that the wonderland of ingredients holds and I couldn’t resist this recipe any longer once I began to notice the flood of strawberries entering the markets.

I was especially inclined to try this recipe when I realized that hey, it’s Memorial Day weekend and I haven’t baked anything particularly thrilling in quite some time. Not since my Mother’s Day disaster, I believe. While I can’t say that strawberries are my favorite fruit *gasp* or that baking is my strongest suit, I took on the challengeĀ  of this recipe with a resolute attitude andĀ  then reveled in my unexpected success. especially because making this tart was a first of firsts for me. Even with all the improvising I did, I was able to produce a terrific tasting tart.

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