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Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

Last Thursday evening (and admittedly every Thursday since Halloween okay, okay, early to mid-October), I jumped up, wide-eyed with a toothy grin that stretched from ear to ear, shrieking hysterically to anyone nearby that would listen or pretend to listen (including our periwinkle-colored beta fish that swims ever-so-carelessly in his newly-purchased and attractively-decorated tank next to the kitchen): “Oh my god, oh my god! It’s almost Thanksgiving!”
Do we really even need to wonder why?! I love Thanksgiving: the never ending grocery list and wish list for the subsequent Black Friday, the utter madness of stiff, over-sized metal shopping carts running into each other at Costco, Sam’s Club, and any other supermarket imaginable, the mindless snatching of every possible thing in sight paired with the constant little voice of reassurance inside your head telling you “you’re definitely going to need this for Thanksgiving dinner and if not, you’ll definitely use it later” even when you pretty much already know you won’t, and the frenzy and mess involved in prepping and cooking everything from appetizers to sides and main courses to how can we possibly forget, desserts (notice the plural). I can even candidly say I kind of enjoy the all-consuming, I-can’t-breathe-nor-take-another-bite kind of food coma that is imminently self-inflicted by every participant. Seriously though, is that wrong? I love Thanksgiving. The whole sha-bang.
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Four Seasons in Hawaii, or lack thereof.

Did I ever tell you that I love Fall? The cool, crisp air and the warm, rustling leaves. The gradually grayer skies, suddenly darker evenings, and colorful peacoats and wispy scarves. Did I also ever mention I live in.. Hawaii, where virtually none of this exists except for those who forsake their sanity in order to swagger in sweltering ugg boots? *sigh* Oh, how I miss having a full-fledged four season spectrum.“But, it’s Hawaii!” you exclaim.

Jealous? of me? Really?! I suppose the grass really is always greener on the other side.

At least I make do with what I have. Even though it’s not frightfully cold and I obviously don’t need to wear protective layers upon layers of clothing (since one thin layer seems to do just fine), I still feel the need to make heart-warming comfort foods according to the month or (physically absent) season. Better yet, I get to incorporate seasonal vegetables as well! Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese. I just love the sound of that, don’t you? Slightly sweet, savory, lush, cheesey, soft, and crusty all at once. As if I didn’t emphasize how much I love pasta enough.

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