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A Fresh Start.

I suppose food for thought can always be fresh, right?  Although this endeavor may, perhaps, not be as fresh. Yet again… another food blog. However, I have excitedly assimilated myself into the blogging community (an achievement for which I am overtly ecstatic about). Despite being an avid follower and student of anything pertaining to food, I’ve been outdated and behind. Let’s just say I’m a little old-fashioned. After what seems like an eternity of pondering and procrastination, I have finally decided to put my gastronomical adventures to good use. More importantly, I think my lazy fingers have finally decided to exert the exercise my diligent mouth and stomach have been doing all along.

Each morning I look forward to a day of either cooking or eating out. If I’m lucky, both. Recently, I have been taking pictures of every dish I have prepared or every dish my friends and I have ordered. To be honest, this is actually because one of my New Year’s resolutions was to begin this food blog. As we can see, a third of the year has flown by and finally, we have a first post.

Anyway, as a food lover living in Hawaii, I have access to a wide range of cuisines and ingredients. Luckily for now, my Korean-American palate has found a ‘home away from home’ in this cultural melting pot where I have been exposed to and have become aware of so many different tastes and textures. Therefore, as a tribute to Honolulu along with my food-loving family and friends, I present to you “Hungry to Happy”, just another food blog to record my learning journey here and to hopefully help enlighten the culinarily curious everywhere.